The Stahlcellos were designed and manufactured by Jan Heinke. The impetus came from a musical encounter with Bob Rutman, who created his Bow Chimes in the 1960's - a sculpture made of metal, with that one could produce sounds.

The development of the Stahlcello stands in the tradition of the nail violins of the late 18th century, such as the Ernst Chladni experiments with vibrating plates as of 1800. They are like the various instruments with mechanically bowed rods of the Romanticism and the Bow Chimes group built in the 1960s by Bob Rutman.

Technologies that already were available a few hundred years ago were purposefully used for the manufacture of the Stahlcellos.

They were created by Albrecht Morgenstern and Jan Heinke in a historic blacksmith shop in Olbernhau, Germany.


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